May is Poppy Month

After World War I, the poppy flourished in Europe. Scientists attributed the growth to soils in France and Belgium becoming enriched with lime from the rubble left by the war. From the dirt and mud grew a beautiful red poppy. The red poppy came to symbolize the blood shed during battle following the publication of the wartime poem “In Flanders Fields.” The poem was written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, M.D. while serving on the front lines.

On September 27, 1920, the poppy became the official flower of The American Legion family to memorialize the soldiers who fought and died during the war. In 1924, the distribution of poppies became a national program of The American Legion.

The month of May is the American Legion [Family] Poppy Campaign. National Poppy Day is May 24, 2019.

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Arnie Koehn Recognized for 50 Years Continuous Membership

Harbor Beach, MI American Legion Post 197 held it’s 99-th Birthday Party Dinner on March 10, 2018 at the post home where continuous membership certificates were distributed. Pictured is Gary Erb, ass’t Adjutant on the left presenting Arnie Koehn, Adjutant on the right, his 50 year continuous membership certificate.